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Educational Assessment and Analysis. Why are they helpful?

Parents know their child best and often recognize their children’s academic, social, developmental, and/or emotional struggles before anybody else. Psychological or Psycho-educational evaluations can provide insight to answer questions regarding a child’s strengths, weaknesses, processing, attention, and emotional struggles. 

These evaluations include various standardized measurements such as, intelligence tests, academic assessments, rating scales, observations, and interviews. The IQ or Intelligence test will provide details regarding your child’s short-term memory, long-term memory, processing speed, verbal strengths/weaknesses, and nonverbal strengths/weaknesses. The Achievement test results will give an indication of how your child is performing compared to other children their age in reading, writing, and math. Information regarding fluency in writing, math, and reading as well as math computation and reading comprehension will also be available. Observations during the evaluation sessions allow the administrators to evaluate or breakdown the manner in which children attack or process how to perform a task. The results of various rating scales provide feedback and differentiation between behavioral and emotional difficulties with which many children are confronted.

As a parent, you will gain a better understanding of how your child learns and relates to various situations. You will better understand how to work with your child to help them find academic success. Finally, the information will be available to share with your child’s school to aid in determining if additional academic services/supports are needed within the school setting. 


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