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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be brought to the first appointment?

It would be very helpful if any previous standardized or non-standardized testing results done at other private offices or schools are brought. If you have copies of report cards, Exceptional Children paperwork, 504 paperwork, or referral paperwork, please bring them since they will provide a more in-depth history of concerns.

Why are the test analysis and reports important to you?

The information obtained from the IQ tests will provide details regarding your child’s factual knowledge, short-term memory, long-term memory, processing speed, verbal strengths/weaknesses, and nonverbal strengths/weaknesses. The Achievement test results will give an indication of where your child is performing to other children their age in reading, writing, and math. Information regarding fluency in math and reading as well as math computation and reading comprehension will be available. The information provided within the evaluation results written report may be shared with your child’s school and used to aid in determining eligibility for services in the Exceptional Children Program (*EC) or used in developing a 504 Plan.
*The EC program covers Learning Disabilities, Other Health Impairments, Developmental Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, etc.

What is involved in an assessment?

Assessments are conducted in an one-on-one setting with your child. As the testing is taking place, observations are made in how they attack problems and try to find solutions. During a meeting with Mrs. Helms, a report detailing these observations and your child’s strengths and weaknesses will be presented in approximately 4 to 6 weeks following the evaluation. There are several assessment options available with different pricing schedules (please contact me for more information).

Can I pay with HSA?

It depends. Most of the time we can run your card and the payment is processed immediately. However, depending on some providers, you may have to contact your HSA for approval and submit your invoice for payment or reimbursement. (please contact me for more information).

Why is an assessment helpful?

Parents know their child best and often recognize their children’s academic, social, developmental, and/or emotional struggles before anybody else. Psychological or Psycho-educational evaluations can provide insight to answer questions regarding a child’s strengths, weaknesses, processing, attention, and emotional concerns. The information obtained during these assessments may be shared with your child’s school in order to aid in determining if additional academic services/support are needed within the school setting. As a parent, you will also gain a better understanding of how your child learns and relates to various situations.

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