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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services are available when social, emotional, behavioral, or academic concerns are noticed. An evidence based treatment plan is followed for various issues including Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Self-Confidence, etc.


Family involvement in addressing and making positive change is necessary. Services are offered to children from childhood (5 years) to young adulthood (21 years).

Contract School Psychology/Independent Educational Evaluations(IEE)

Anchor EEC is available to provide psycho-educational evaluations for school districts who are not fully staffed or need support with their assessment loads. As an independent contractor, I can provide independent evaluations for the school when requested by the parent. These evaluations may cover a variety of educational and developmental conditions, such as Preschool Evaluations, Developmental Delays, Specific Learning Disabilities, Other Health Impairment, Serious Emotional Disability, etc. Evaluation reports will include interventions for both the home and school environments to aid in finding success within the academic environment.

Parent & Child Advocate

For families who are enrolled in public school, I can provide feedback, advice, and advocacy services. Receiving letters or notifications from schools regarding your child’s social, emotional, or behavioral performances can be confusing and frustrating. I can help interpret and navigate the referral and end result. I have experience and understanding of current IDEA and 504 criteria for qualification and services.


When you feel the school is not listening to your concerns, I can help you present or explain the frustration you are experiencing to the school. My years of experience, 15 years in the public school setting as a School Psychologist and 2 years in a classroom, allow me to provide a direct and honest outlook. I have an in-depth understanding of state and federal guidelines and laws that address the services that are available and should be provided through the public school system.

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Psychological Evaluations

When changes are seen in an individual’s behaviors, educational performance, and day-to-day functioning, psychological evaluations may be used to help pinpoint specific areas of concern to be addressed. Comprehensive psychological evaluations are offered to aid in identifying personal, behavioral, emotional, and/or academic strengths and weaknesses including, ADHD, Anxiety, Specific Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, etc. Results are presented in an easy to understand format, with clear diagnostic information, and interventions/strategies. Evaluations are offered for children 4 years of age to young adults 21 years of age. This also, includes Kindergarten Early Entry evaluations.

Annual Homeschool 


*sibling discount available

Families who have chosen to homeschool are required to have standardized testing done annually after your child turns 7 years old.


I provide testing using the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement-4th Edition (WJ-IV) which meets NC requirements. This assessment is performed in my office. The WJ-IV provides a comparison of the child's academic performance to other children their age.


Tests and Descriptions:


Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fifth Edition

Individually administered test of intelligence.  The information obtained from the IQ tests will provide details regarding your child’s factual knowledge, short-term memory, long-term memory, processing speed, verbal strengths/weaknesses, and nonverbal strengths/weaknesses


Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement-Fourth Edition

Individually administered test of achievement. The Achievement test results will give an indication of where your child is performing to other children their age in reading, writing, and math. Information regarding fluency in math and reading as well as math computation and reading comprehension will be available.


Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition

There are three versions of the BASC-3 used a various ages to aid in determining the presence and severity of emotional and behavioral difficulties. Parents and teachers may be asked to complete this rating scale and return to the examiner. A self-report is available for certain ages. A complete analysis and comparison of the completed rating scales will be provided.

Conners 3

Conners 3rd Edition

The Conners 3 focuses more on ADHD and associated features, while addressing comorbid disorders. There are 3 versions of this rating scale as well, parent, teacher and self-report which are administered to specific age ranges. A complete analysis and comparison of the completed rating scales will be provided.


Adaptive Behavior Assessment System, Third Edition

The ABAS-3 provides a complete assessment of adaptive or daily living skills across the lifespan. There are parent and teacher versions to complete. A complete analysis and comparison of the completed rating scales will be provided including identification of emerging skills. Adaptive Rating Scales are frequently needed to assess adaptive functioning/daily living skills. If these scales are determined necessary, you will be notified and asked to complete the scales. Input from teachers/school will also be requested with your permission.

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