Working with families to improve academic performance and confidence.

Rebecca Rose Helms

I love what I do. Helping children and their families, understand child development (emotional/behavioral), academic performance and requirements, and the best route to success has been and is my calling. I worked as a School Psychologist for 15 years in the public school setting providing psycho-educational evaluations, interventions/strategies, counseling, and consultations to parents/staff. Then I moved to a classroom setting in a small school addressing academic concerns and performance for varying student types. My work/life experiences have provided me the opportunities to learn and develop skills to help others find success. Not all interventions and strategies work for everyone but as we work together we can find what is successful for your child and family.

I am available to administer intellectual, academic, attention, behavioral, and emotional evaluations, as well as observations in testing or school settings. Tests may include:


  • WJ-IV

  • BASC-3

  • Connors-3

  • ABAS-3

  • Or others as needed 


Counseling services to address academic or behavioral/emotional concerns are available. Services addressing the following issues are provided:

  • Annual Homeschool Testing

  • Kindergarten Early Entry Testing

  • ADHD with or without Hyperactivity

  • Anxiety

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Behavioral Issues (Child or Adolescent)

  • Developmental Disorders

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Oppositional Defiance

  • Specific Learning Disorders

  • DyslexiaDyscalculia, Dysgraphia

  • Reading, Writing, & Math Interventions

  • Strategies for Academic Success

For more information please review the services page or contact me. Thank you!

Rebecca Rose Helms
Licensed Psychological Associate

Health Services Provider - PA


146 Wind Chime Ct
Raleigh, Wake County 27615


Phone: 919.792.8340 

Fax: 919.861.8893

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